Privacy Policy

The whole team of understands and recognizes that its site users, visitors, and others know and understand the value of their own privacy and security. The privacy policy of this contains important detailed information about the use, the disclosure of user information collected on site. The owner and team of provide this privacy policy to help and make users make correct, informed decisions on whether to use, start or continue using the site This privacy policy is subject to the use of personal information, non-personal information and how they use this information to provide best services to clients. Any file that is a photo, image or any video content posted on at the direction of users becomes published content which is not considered identifiable information as per policy.

What information is collected by

User Provided Information

This is personal information provided by the user. It includes personally identifiable information like name, email address, gender, specifics etc. When one chooses to participate in the activities on, they may have to provide such information. Activities like feedback form, comment block, signing up for a newsletter, giveaways, bonuses and steal deals.

Cookies Information

When you visit, we may send cookies. Cookies are a bunch of alphanumeric characters that come in a text file to your computer. This is done to uniquely identify your browser. It uses both types of cookies- sessions and persistent. Persistent cookies remain in the browser and can be used for future visits. Session cookies are temporary and disappear once you close your browser. You can clear your cache and cookies or refuse cookies as well. This may however not allow for proper functionality and one may not receive all features.

Log File information

When you use the site, our servers record the information which is sent by the web browser. They may use information like IP address, web browser type, browser language, and URLs. This will show the information such as an amount of time one has spent on a page, details of clicks, time and date of the request, cookies that uniquely identify the browser.

What does do with the information?

If you submit information to which is personally identifiable, then we mostly understand the confidentiality, privacy and security concerns you may have while providing such information. We use your personal information to maintain, operate and provide the best features and deals to you. Any business information that is declared is kept private and is not personal information and we do not use the given information for private use. We do not use the email address and other personal information to send commercial or forwarded marketing messages. This requires consent and we send no information without it. One always has the opt-in or opt-out facility for specific programs or activities. This may make one use the email address without any consent or notifying you of such information or its arrival. We use cookies to remember information which may be necessary next time of your visitor for the provision of customized content or for understanding and deciphering marketing campaigns or to monitor page views and other metrics.
We also use the information for subsidiaries, affiliated companies and other businesses for use and compliance of information on our behalf. This we may or may not do with consent. Since they are mostly subsidiary companies, we do not share personally identifiable or available information. We assist interested third parties in understanding how certain content is used and approved. The usage patterns are recognized and forwarded for contests, awards, promotions, advertisements, and events.

Third-Party Links To Other Sites works with third-party networks/ad networks like

to serve ads on the website. It uses technology/tools to send information to your browser the advertisements and links that appear on They also receive the IP address when this happens to be able to personalize your advertising material. It does not leak the information, however, and also seeks consent by virtue of mail and message. will not share any personal information with these third-party networks without your consent. The advertiser may use information regarding your use of, such as the number of times you viewed an ad (but not any personally identifiable information), to determine which ads to deliver to you and frequency.

You should consult the respective privacy policies of these third-party ad servers or ad networks for more information on their practices and for instructions on how to opt-out of certain practices.

We are committed to data security uses safeguards to preserve the security of information. It cannot ensure the security of information that you transmit since it is the willful transmission. However, we stand committed to data security and privacy and will always strive to keep all information secure to the best of our abilities. You may receive information of security breaches if that happens.

Note: We do not collect information from users under 13 as that is not permitted by law.