5 Top CBD Products That Will Make Your Acne Disappear Like Magic

Acne for CBD? Yes, the list of ailments which can be cured by CBD just seems to be increasing by the day! Even World anti-doping agency has removed the ban on CBD vouching for the fact that it can be medically beneficial for a long list of ailments.

Acne is an irritating skin condition that not only prevalent among teenagers but older women and men as well. According to a study, more women experience acne breakouts in their adulthood compared to men. This is the most common skin-related ailment that has an adverse impact on one’s personality as well. While medications may provide temporary relief, the side effects make it a not-so-good choice. Here’s where natural treatments like CBD come into the fore.

How does CBD work against Acne on the Skin?

For new users, cannabidiol is not psychoactive unlike THC, it does not give you a ‘high’.
It has a high level of tolerability with the possibility of overdosing next to nil. Only mild short-term side effects may occur in some. After taking CBD for long, there are no withdrawal effects when you decide to end the treatment.
Our sebaceous glands and hair follicles also have CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. These are an important part of our endocannabinoid system (ECS). When they interact with cannabis compounds, they communicate messages to the nervous system to produce a number of effects like inhibiting the production of sebum, leading to less oily skin and reduced acne.
CBD helps regulate sebocytes are the cells that generate sebum. Excess oil in skin causes blocked pores which fill with dead skin cells and this is the main reason for acne. CBD also has a proven anti-inflammatory effect. This can help reduce the swelling and pain from acne outbreaks. The relative effectiveness of CBD against acne has paved the way for several CBD based products to treat acne.

CBD BioSkinCare Apple Stem Cell Regenerating Cream

CBD Creams

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Price: $49.99

Scientists have found that an extract derived from the stem cells of a rare apple tree cultivated for its amazing longevity is also assisting to rejuvenate aging skin. They are using this amazing extract in our CBD Apple Stem Cell Regenerating Cream.
It is said that stem cells contain two key components: growth factors and proteins. The apple stem cells work by stimulating people’s skin stem cells, thus effectively activating and restoring the skins ability to regenerate. When you apply this cream, your skin will be firm and reduce the acne and marks associated with it.


  • Deeply hydrates your skin
  • Improves skin elasticity and firmness
  • Removes acne
  • Promotes radiant skin naturally

Hemptouch Problem Skin Ointment

Hemptouch Ointment

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Price: £29.50 GBP

This cream contains CBD extracted by the superior CO2 extraction method which allows maximum strength CBD oil to be extracted at low temperatures without solvents or alcohol.  Provides intense relief and support for many long-term skin problems. It also helps revitalize your skin from the inside out. The best part is that it reduces excessive sebum production in pores with its powerful blend of CBD oil and thus provides relief from inflammation in the acne-prone skin.


  • Fights acne
  • Helps fight dermatitis
  • Cures reddened and irritated skin

Elixinol Hemp Balm

Elixinol Hemp Balm

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CBD Hemp Balm

Price: $29.99

This topical CBD skin balm can help rejuvenate your skin. It is made from completely natural products, and carefully formulated to offer protection to your skin and make it glow. The Hemp Balm promotes superior skin health. This custom-formulated topical CBD blend improves aged-looking skin, helps you fight acne while promoting optimal skin health-giving your skin a youthful appearance.
This is a whole plant extract and is a plant-based formula. Offers excellent skin penetration and is safe for all skin types.


  • Great all-around skin moisturizer
  • Fights acne
  • Gives skin a youthful appearance

RxCannaCare Canna Cream

Canna Cream

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Price: $150.00

This is slightly on the expensive side. But it is great to soothe all skin types and a variety of skin conditions. Made with completely organic and natural ingredients from around the world like Egyptian Lotus, Grapefruit Quench, Lemon Grass and the likes, it is a cure for all skin problems.


  • Soothes sensitive and inflamed skin types from eczema and psoriasis
  • Fights acne and reduces scars
  • Pains associated with arthritis, muscle cramps, sunburns etc.

HempGenix Night Recovery Formula with Hemp CBD


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Price: $34.99

The Hemp Genix Night Recovery Cream helps improve surface cell regeneration leaving your skin intensely moisturized. It is a night cream formula which contains hemp oil to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Makes your skin softer, smoother and younger-looking after just a few days of usage.


  • Night cream moisturizes and renews skin reducing wrinkles
  • Contains Shea butter and Aloe Vera and delivers hydration deep to regenerate surface skin cells
  • Prevents and reduces acne and other skin conditions.

These above creams will help reduce your acne and rejuvenate you with fresh youthful looking skin.

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