CBD Essence Review – Best CBD Products in the Industry

CBD Essence is a part of the famous Hemp Brand NutraHemp, who are the leading manufacturers of hemp –infused extracts like Hemp Taffy, Hemp Chill Pill etc. They are widely known for their superior quality hemp supplements in the market. It’s no surprise that CBD Essence saw a boom in popularity with their high-quality edibles.

Top CBD Essence Products

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CBD Essence edibles stand out because the CBD is from US or EU Certified Industrial Agriculturally grown Hemp plants having a low THC <0.3% and high CBD. All their CBD Oil-based products are easily absorbable in the digestive tract and under the tongue. CBD Essence is considered a pioneer for their efficient CBD extraction methods from the raw hemp plant.

What are the Top Products available on CBD Essence?

CBD Essence produces extracts derived from the finest hemp, after rigorous testing. This helps them create products like full spectrum cannabidiol oil of the maximum potency available in the market.

  • Tinctures – CBD Edible Hemp Oil Tincture
  • 120 CBD Edible Hemp Oil Capsules
  • CBD Oil Vape Kit
  • CBD Hemp Oil Vaporizer e-Liquid
  • Edibles – CBD Oil Edible White Taffy Chewy Candy
  • CBD Edible Hemp Oil Tincture
  • Capsules – CBD Medicinal Hemp Oil Liposome Capsules
  • Pet Care – CBD Edible Hemp Oil Medium Dog Biscuits

Why is CBD Essence the best choice for quality CBD Products?

  • When it comes to superior quality CBD products after careful analysis of many competitors, we ultimately fell back on CBD Essence due to the following reasons.
  • Every single product is made from a fully sustainable hemp source, without adding any chemicals which ensure no carcinogens results.
  • Third party testing which is exhaustive and from a reputed place ensures the transparency of the products you use. Please do not buy CBD products without third-party lab testing.
  • They offer wholesale bulk CBD for sale, which you can use to make your own CBD topicals, edibles etc. Nobody else in the industry offers this choice.
  • All raw materials are sourced from non-GMO hemp which is grown in a non-fertilized land devoid of synthetic pesticides and harmful chemicals.
  • Their products are all full- spectrum cannabis – it means along with CBD, you also have compounds like terpenes, essential hemp oils, other phytonutrients which are active cannabis compounds.
  • As we noted, the rand offers authentic CBD products using quality tested ingredients.
  • With their White Label CBD Products option, they help you create your own branded line of products and help people own the best at $500 Order Minimum.

Health Benefits of CBD Essence Products

These products with their advanced health benefits have helped immensely in boosting the immune system. Some of the health benefits include

  • Anxiety
  • Pain modulation for conditions like arthritis, cancer etc.
  • Good appetite
  • Better Immune function
  • Memory
  • Inflammation regulation

Pricing of the Products

All products on CBD Essence are reasonably priced considering the quality they offer. Prices begin as low as $34 and range all the way up to $2,900 for CBD Edible Paste Decarboxylated – 1kg. Other notable products are priced as follows

What can be improved on CBD Essence?

  • Many customers expect more transparency and detailed explanation of a product like extraction methods when opting for something as important as CBD. However, the website needs to address these concerns and give a detailed explanation of the product.
  • Despite the quality, some customers feel a reduction in price would make it even more affordable.

Customer Reviews

Here’s how the customers feel about CBD Essence!

CBD essesnce


For the best quality CBD products in the industry, you can undoubtedly trust CBD Essence for their state-of-the-art extraction process, third-party testing and validation and full-spectrum CBD products available. Go for them and experience an improvement in health like never before.

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