Receptra Naturals CBD Products Review: Safe and Effective CBD Products

Receptra Naturals offers premium organic and pure hemp extracts for sale from all 50 States which are locally sourced from their plants in Colorado.  The company uses only the finest of Hemp Cannabinoids which is grown organically in the state of Colorado it is a family-run business.  The company had a Certificate of Analysis on its site for all products which vouches for its authenticity.

Top Products in Receptra Naturals CBD Products

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Why is Receptra Naturals a preferred choice among customers for CBD Products?

Receptra Naturals ensures all products on its site are made of quality ingredients grown on family farms in Colorado. Here are more reasons for its popularity.
Receptra naturals features

What are the Characteristics of their Handpicked Premium Colorado Floral Hemp?

  • No Seeds, Stems or Stalks
  • Only Hemp Flower and Aerial Parts
  • The Finest of Hemp’s Cannabinoids
  • Clean Cold Ethanol Extraction
  • Hemp Extracts

What are the Products Available on Receptra Naturals?

  • Receptra Naturals Pure Hemp CBD Oils
  • Receptra Naturals Active Lifestyle Hemp CBD Oils
  • Receptra™ Targeted Topical
  • Receptra™ Body Butter
  • Receptra Pet
  • Receptra Lip Balm

A Detailed Review of Popular Products

Receptra Naturals Pure Hemp CBD Oils

The Pure Hemp CBD Oils from Receptra Naturals is for your health and well-being and available in 2 concentrates, Prime and Plus. These oils are ideal for those who are new to CBD. All you need to do is to drop it under your tongue and allow the oil to absorb for a few seconds and swallow it.
Pricing: $39.95  $199.95


Receptra Naturals Pure Hemp CBD Oils

  • Prime is for those new to CBD
  • Plus is for advanced wellness needs

Receptra Active Lifestyle CBD Oils

These oils are great for optimal physical and mental health. They contain natural ingredients which will keep you energized and focused throughout the day. They are available with 3 concentrations: Active, Elite and Pro.
Receptra Active Lifestyle CBD Oils
Pricing: $24.95  $249.95
It contains naturally occurring cannabinoids, neuroprotectants, antioxidants, and a blend of essential fatty acids. For those experiencing health issues like muscle fatigue, mental stress, soreness and demanding schedules, this will give you the relaxation and edge you are looking for.

Receptra Body Butter

Skin health and wellness can be enhanced with the Receptra Body Butter which contains antioxidants, cannabinoids, essential nutrients and other essentials for your skin. Helps restore your skin’s youthfulness and appearance. It contains natural scents from camphor and jasmine and vitamin E to remove free radicals. Helps solve skin problems like blemishes, bruises and is non-psychoactive.
Pricing: $44.95

Returns Policy

If you are not satisfied with what you brought, you can request a full refund within 30 days.
They resolve all customers’ issues within 48 hours and are prompt in their response.

Customer Reviews

Customers are absolutely satisfied with the high quality of hemp extract used in their products. They mostly have positive reviews from customers for the range of products they offer for various aspects of your well being and also pets. The informative blog on the site is a source of information which answers all customers’ queries. Here’s a look at a review.
testimonial Receptra


Receptra Naturals contains all natural ingredients that are clinically tested and are completely used for health, wellness and an active lifestyle. Go for them after complete research of the product you are opting for!

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