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Herb Approach is Canada’s premium CBD Company that specializes in holistic health and believes in natural healing methods to create the best CBD products. The CBD they make is construed for greater wellness and health. They make CBD edibles, flowers of the cannabis plant, CBD concentrates and other accessories. They are medical marijuana providers and hold high standards when it comes to Canada. They have a special focus on mail order marijuana. They seek to generate the best products at high quality and have over 15 years experience in this.

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Why is Herb Approach popular in Canada for all CBD needs?

  • Trusted with over 15 years experience
  • They give top priority to customer satisfaction and have a great live chat setup designed for this.
  • They sell medical marijuana of the highest quality and a wide range of edibles, topical, tinctures and concentrates.
  • They have discreet packing that allows you to shop in confidence and maintain your privacy
  • They have a standard set of suppliers and they help in providing satisfaction
  • Member information is stored privately and securely
  • No medical recommendation is needed to buy the products
  • They promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee

What are the best Products of Herb Approach?

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Cannabis Flowers

This includes all types of flowers like Indicas, Sativas, moon rocks and hybrids. They contain various strains each of which has different properties. Indica strains are relaxing effect ones and even beneficial for those with insomnia. Hybrid Cannabis is a combination of Indica or Sativa ones. It is a mix of the two and contains effects and flavors of both the strains. Sativa cannabis is known for its mood upliftment and energetic effects and its energizing impact.

Cannabis Concentrates

These are extracted chemically from raw flower based ingredients. They produce a potent cannabis product. The different forms of concentrates include shatter, wax, oils, hash, and vaporizers. They are easy to use and remain discrete and controlled dosages are especially preferred.

Cannabis Infused Foods

The CBD edibles like chocolates, candies, and drinks come in this category. They are made from high-quality concentrates and flowers. It is discreet, portable and easy to store. Also, they are tasty and extremely binge-worthy.

Apart from this, they have hardware products like rolling pens and vape pens and other CBD products.

Shipping and Refunds

  • Free shipping on orders over $150
  • $15 charged for orders below 150$
  • Shipping is within Canada only
  • Only defective products can be returned and a refund can be availed.

What is the best way to get Herb Approach Products?

Apart from customer satisfaction and quality products, Herb Approach also offers sales and deals that make it a fabulous site.

  • One can sign up for their newsletter for great deals and coupons.
  • They have frequent lottery draws on their site where one can participate to win
  • New members get 200 points on signing up
  • On referring your friends, one gets $25 off
  • For every 1$ spent, you receive 1 point
  • Herb Approach also has weekly flash deals that enable one to save big on orders
  • For large orders, they often add freebies that will excite you

They also have a referral program that branches out to enable you to get the best discounts.

Bottom Line

Herb Approach wins it on all fronts. Canada definitely has a good cannabis related dispensary with high-quality products, customer service, and good prices. The site interface is easy to navigate and one can buy easily. After completing some basic tasks, one gets points which we can use to get good offers and discounts. They do not even ask for a medical recommendation and this is definitely a plus. The only downside is a Canada only shipping. Recommended for all CBD uses in Canada.

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