5 Foolproof Ways to Identify High-Quality CBD

The natural wellness that CBD provides needs no introduction. It is an amazing supplement and is also rising by all terms- industry and as a practice. A lot of people now choose CBD to be their savior for problems like anxiety, depression, joint pains, inflammation, insomnia, stress and even skin disorders. CBD can be used in a lot of ways. It can be used as oils, cream, tonic, gummy bears, chocolate and even capsules. There has been a demand for such natural solutions to escape the vicious cycle that manmade medicines could put us in. This makes it a highly attractive area for entrepreneurs and companies alike.

Why is it important to Identify High-quality CBD Oil?

  • Obviously, when there is such a rampant demand, there is bound to be a lot of duplicity, scam and false unhealthy products.
  • CBD filed has grey regulations which can be tampered with by corporate
  • Increasing number of brands all of who claim to be natural and pure by all means
  • Using the wrong products will give you no positive results, one may, however, face side effects
  • Improper extraction or low-quality processes may lead to nausea and irritability
  • Tampering with the final product by mixing wrong flavors could also ruin the quality and not provide a wholesome CBD experience

This makes it important to find reliable CBD products that do not harm our health, hinder our development process and create natural, therapeutic solutions for all.

How to identify High-Quality CBD Oil?

CBD is an extract from cannabis plants with less THC that causes the characteristic of getting high. It medical benefits without creating the high are what make it the most sought-after natural wellness solution. This makes it steer clear of all controversies and more usable. Its versatility comes into fore when you can use it in many forms. We have already seen why it is important to identify CBD oil. Let us see how to now.

Here are five ways to identify the high-quality CBD oil you seek:

  1. Manufacturing Process: Though there are regulations on the sale and reach of CBD products, there are no regulations on the manufacturing process. This can be attributed to many reasons like the nascent age of the industry and that different brands use different methods to extract oil. Many use toxic solvents like hexane, propane, butane that could harm our health and are mostly petroleum solvents that are definitely not safe for human consumption. The best ways to extract CBD are by ethanol-based extraction and supercritical CO2 extraction as these two maintains the purity of CBD.

Tip: Before purchasing either online or offline, read the particulars and find out the extraction method. The safest choice would be to go for those that use co2 or ethanol-based extraction even if it priced more than the others.

  1. Third Party lab results: Looking for the CBD that attaches its third-party lab results to the consumers is recommended. Many brands produce in-house certificates of purity and quality, this, when compared to external quality checks, fades. These independent, third-party labs ensure right CBD oil is manufactured with low THC, without impurities and has no solvents.

Tip: Most good brands have attached proof of their third-party test results on their website. Some brands have proof for all products proving a wholesome quality experience. Some send a copy along with the products and one can always contact the team if they have trouble understanding the results.

  1. Amount of THC: This is the natural substance responsible for giving users what we call a ‘high”. Hemp has lower THC levels as compared to marijuana but this can also cause an effect if the extracts are incorrectly processed.  A high THC is not permitted or legal by law. So keeping a note of how much THC is present is important in every product.

Tip: The THC in CBD products especially oils should not exceed 0.3% optimally. One has to know that for CBD capsules, it is mostly prescription based and so there is validity. The third-party lab results, which were mentioned earlier, provide the information accurately.

  1. Labeling: The whole debate between full spectrum CBD and CBD isolates is not new. A good CBD oil is one that is made from the whole plant. This is full spectrum CBD. CBD isolates, on the other hand, are cheap whole plant extracts. Using the whole plant has more benefits since many constituents like terpenes which work well with CBD are also received.

Tip: One should read carefully the ingredient list; check the labels for the type of CBD used. One should prefer a whole plant or full spectrum CBD against others. The third-party lab results again are a savior here.

  1. Source of Hemp: The most important factor is the source of the growing region-be it US, Scandinavia, UK or anywhere, the quality matters. Rich soil is the most important factor for rich hemp, if the soil is polluted it may result in a low-quality hemp. Usual pollutants are water, minerals, heavy metals and cheap pesticides.

Tip: If a brand offers the location of raw hemp resources, one can determine the quality of hemp. Certain countries like the US require the farmers to be certified thus adding credibility to the hemp. This information can be found on the manufacturer’s site.

It is important to know if brands are maintaining quality, integrity and a fine balance between consumerism and honesty. As CBD regulations are on the rise, companies should make CBD products more consumers centric. Nonetheless, a little knowledge can always help you make the right choice.

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