Kin Slip CBD Strips – The Perfect Solution for Busy and Anxious People

As CBD is increasingly being endorsed by more and more people for its medical benefits, the demand for them is increasing by the day. Now CBD growers are also coming up with innovative ways for producing CBD strains which can be used in different ways – smoking, vapes, tinctures, pills and so on. CBD is derived from the cannabis plant and it is known for its non-psychoactive properties. The cannabidiol is highly effective in reducing stress, calming your mind and helps restore a good sleeping pattern. While most of us are familiar with CBD oil, it’s time to make way for another way of CBD consumption – CBD Strips.

What are Kin Slips CBD Strips?

Kin Slips are compact, sublingual strips which easily dissolve under your tongue and provide a precise dose of CBD without the hassles of a dropper, measuring cup etc. All the strips are a crafty blend of cannabinoids, natural ingredients, and terpenes which are specially formulated for your lifestyle to be healthy. Their stripes come in small, compact packs which are easy to fit into your pockets. Each of the strips just needs to be placed under the tongue ensuring CBD is directly sent into your bloodstream. The strips available on Kin Slips are 100% natural, plant-based and taste great. A perfect combo!

Kin Slips Strips – Sublingual, Easy to Use and Effective

All strips from Kin Slips come in three popular strains – Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa. The Cloud Buster Blend is formulated with cannabinoids and terpenes found in the Sativa strain. Priced at $20.00, each slip contains around 10 mg of CBD and provides number significant relief from pain and also for overall wellness. The refreshing Tarragon & Citrus flavor makes it the perfect replacement for your noon coffee. The other variety, the Nice Dream is formulated from the Indica strains and is a soothing combination of watermelon and basil. Park Line is formulated from CBD strains. It comes in an amazing mango and turmeric flavor which make it all the more natural and likable.

What are the doses available in Kin Slips Strips?

All the three types of Strips come in

  • Standard (10mg THC per Slip)
  • Extra Strength (20mg THC per Slip)
  • Microdose dosage (5mg THC per slip)

Each pack contains 10 strips which are sublingual and very simple to use.

Sublingual products like these strips are wholly absorbed and work better unlike gummies, cookies etc which are distorted in stomach acids and broken down by the liver. Each of the strips just needs to be placed under the tongue ensuring CBD is directly sent into your bloodstream.

Kin Slips Strips for Anxiety and Busy People

After use, it’s found to provide great relief from problems like anxiety, where prescribed medications usually have side effects. Kin Slips CBD strips can be used by people who need relief from pain for arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, depression, epilepsy and other neurological disorders. The strips give you a sense of calm and wellness. Many users who used these strips reported relief from sensations of anxiety and sets a sense of calm. Since they are completely absorbed in the bloodstream, they provide better relief from anxiety compared to conventional CBD oils, pills etc.
While CBD is available in many forms, carrying around the oils, droppers and capsules may not be discrete for many. You may also over-dose and under-dose especially if you are on the go and not in the quiet of your home. For those on the go, the small size comes in handy to fit into your pockets. No need to walk around with a dropper for measurements – just place it under your tongue to dissolve!


They are wrapped like gum and can be used discretely in public settings; with the precise dosage, you require making them a great choice for ingesting CBD. It’s worth giving the Kin Slips CBD Strips a try. Its great news that CBD is available right in your pockets – with the Kin Slips CBD Strips!

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