CBD No Longer on World Anti-Doping Agency’s Banned Substance List

As people are increasingly turning to cannabis for good health and pain relief, research is finding evidence of its therapeutic effects. As a result, many regulatory bodies are beginning to recognize CBD’s potential for health benefits. Many athletes in sports have been unable to use CBD since the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) had listed it as a prohibited substance.

CBD is no longer on World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of banned substances and now serious athletes like former NFL player Ricky Williams are touting the benefits of CBD for its anti-inflammatory properties and as a recovery aid for athletes. For those suffering from chronic pain or aches, you will be surprised to find CBD when you pop into your neighborhood fitness store. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is contained in cannabis and is now legal in many countries around the world and helps cure many aches and pains.

Can athletes now use CBD, now that it’s legal?

Using CBD depends on the athlete’s personal choice. CBD is not habit-forming nor does it contain THC. It does not have any adverse side effects as well.  It could definitely be a promising alternative for opioids which have proven to be extremely dangerous.

For those athletes who are adamant about not taking anything, it’s better to put aside CBD as well. According to Scott Chipman, the founder, and chairman of an anti-marijuana non-profit, there’s no room for any drugs in sports.

“Sports is about achievement, striving for improvement, making the most of your body and talents. Any drug use to achieve some physical goal makes the effort a phony one.”

Does it mean WADA is all for Cannabis use by athletes?

WADA’s decision is not for embracing cannabis nor do they endorse its benefits. The ban on THC continues and the removal of CBD from the prohibited list isn’t due to the benefits or lack of adverse effects rather, it signals a “recognition that it’s not a performance-enhancing drug,”

How can CBD help Athletes?

As an athlete, the body is subjected to a lot of wear and tear as well as injury and tiredness. This could impact the subsequent performances. Here’s where CBD can help athletes defeat inflammation, which they face on a daily basis, helps them combat pain and reduce stress and performance anxiety. In the case of injuries, it provides a faster recovery time as well.

According to the WADA website, Cannabidiol is no longer prohibited. However, CBD extracted from cannabis plant may contain THC and it remains a prohibited substance.

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