Finally, Birmingham gets its First CBD Store

CBD Store in Birmingham

CBD Store in Birmingham, With CBD products finding their rightful place as a natural wellness provider, they have proliferated well. The benefits that come along with them has made people realize how much it can positively affect them. Its therapeutic values and healing prowess have finally reached Birmingham. All the products at the store are CBD based and contain cannabidiol and are made from the cannabis plant. They do not contain THC the psychoactive component that gives a high. The oil store is opened on Highway 280 by the Bailey Brothers. They have received very positive reviews and they store

  • CBD creams
  • CBD edibles
  • CBD capsules/pills
  • CBD lotions
  • CBD oil
  • products for pets.

The store is owned by B.J. Autry who vouches for his products and says that they provide only relaxation, calmness and health. Autry, himself, is someone who has benefitted greatly from the use of CBD. Autry being a diabetic patient also explained how he felt that it helped him with his type 1 diabetes. Post usage of CBD oil and gummies, he felt that A1C levels have become better and his health felt better. This personal experience has encouraged him to spread the benefits of CBD to Birmingham as well. Citizens of Birmingham are happy with the store. For example, Joe Benintende who was paralyzed for 7 years welcomed the healthier alternative as most medication by doctors did not yield fruitful results.  He hopes that CBD products will be that carrier of better health and mental balance.

Kayla Williams, a staff at the store also helps people realize and answers queries about CBD. The store also has information booklets and proper tutorials on how to use the products and for what. They have free samples for just stopping by and all the products can be purchased without any prescription. They also provide lab reports for all products. The CBD store is available at more than 15 locations across the US and has won the trust there. So, the next time you are in Birmingham, Alabama, you know where to get your CBD dosage form.

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