Is CBD Infused Food the Next Biggest Trend in Columbia

Food as medicine works wonders on your health. Eating healthy with plenty of fibrous fruits and veggies is considered good- however adding CBD to your food and drink is actually considered medicine.

What is CBD and How is it Used?

For those who do not know, CBD is short for cannabidiol which is a compound of cannabis which does not give you a high. IT doesn’t contain THC, and has significant medical properties including relief from anxiety, reducing inflammation, pain and provides a sound sleep. CBD is seen as an alternative medicine and people are increasingly using it in the form of oil, capsules, gummies. Now restaurants in Columbia are going all out and getting creative and have introduced CBD in the food and drink on their menu. The small trend is slowly gaining traction and willingly embraced by the population.

Why is CBD becoming increasingly Popular among Cafes?

CBD is a new niche and few restaurants are experimenting with CBD in coffee, cuisine, and even cocktails. You can opt for CBD salads, and gulp down cocktails like the Plant Medicine cocktail which blends together CBD oil, pineapple, coconut milk, and rum. Places like Curiosity Coffee offers CBD as an add-on to your daily coffee which provides you the benefits of caffeine as well. To use CBD as an ingredient in food and beverage, the hemp extract is usually mixed with oil like coconut, jojoba seed, almond or orange which has minimal flavor.

Places offering CBD Infused Edibles


They add water-soluble CBD to any drink like coffee, beer, and even tea. This way, people can check out if CBD works for them before trying it out fully.

Rosewood Market

They sell pre-packaged CBD coffees, alongside other CBD products. People who are adverse to the effects of caffeine prefer CBD infused coffee which gives them calmness and provides relaxation. This place also sells pain-relieving muscle balms, vape oil, CBD infused drinks, teas, coffees and full spectrum oils of different potency.

CBD Store

The CBD Store has CBD ingestives in all ways possible. It has CBD in the form of water-soluble drops in amazing flavors, capsules, yummy gummies, and even lotions and treats for pets. They cater to customers who prefer different forms of CBD. Besides being located at Sunset Blvd. in Lexington, they are planning to open a new store at Sandhills pretty soon.

Gorilla Boost

This is a gluten, dairy, wheat, and egg-free, vegan vendor who is not into selling Superfood doughnuts with CBD. According to owner Lee, she tinkered with her recipes and experimented a lot before coming up with recipes as CBD is sensitive to heat before coming up with cinnamon doughnuts with CBD. Since customers are increasingly aware of the medicinal benefits, she claims that they are opting for it more and more.

If you wish to experiment with CBD by yourself, make sure you know what condition you are treating and dosage, and the possible outcome. For those experiencing things like anxiety, you get noticeable relief from vape oil in 60 seconds. This oil is taken orally helps relieve chronic pain and inflammation.

“We have people taking anywhere from 10 to 100 mg per day,” says Bruce Lyons, CBD store.

Many of the restaurants and cafes who are opting to supply ingestible CBD speak of how their customers are enjoying its benefits and returning for more. Those suffering from anxiety, depression, and pain are able to lead a better quality of life and are flocking these places for CBD edibles.

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