Top 5 CBD Lotions with Top Notch Quality

CBD is a wonder product and there is no going back on that. It is typically an extract from industrial hemp that offers relief from pain, aches, stiffness, and inflammation. It is bereft THC and is a miracle product to treat a number of physical and mental illnesses. It is increasingly finding a place in oils, tinctures, gummies, and creams. It can be used both directly and topically. It is slowly making its way to the beauty world as well. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it is winning on every front. CBD without terpenes is slowly growing to be the largest natural healer.

Why do people use CBD Topically?

  • Direct application to the issue
  • Does not involve the digestive system
  • Growing scientific evidence
  • Therapeutic potential is unlimited
  • Reduces rashes and eases pains

Why should one choose a CBD Lotion?

  • Can be applied topically
  • Does not involve ingestion
  • It is not tough to manage like oils
  • It can be availed in many flavors
  • It comes in portable bottles
  • Tested and verified products

We have picked out the best CBD lotions and all the products we mention are all the ones with third-party lab results. All the products are safe, qualitative and have a fast customer service. Let us see the best products.

The 5 best CBD lotions

Imbue Botanicals Embody Premium CBD lotion

Imblue embody

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This CBD lotion has a non-greasy formula and is extremely lightweight. One can use it on the entire body and is a perfect lotion. It is made from Colorado-grown oil and has Aloe Vera extracts It also contains lactic acid and antioxidants. One can use regularly for best results. It can be used both on spot problems and for the entire body. It can help repair skin, increase suppleness and reduce acne.
Price: $69

Infinity CBD lotion

Infinity Lotion

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This is a smooth textured fast acting pain relief product. It has an easy to use a pump and is non-greasy. It is without any artificial flavors and colors. It is a cruelty-free, paraben free product with is also vegan. This all-natural product has no lingering smells and is non-GMO. It contains Moringa oil which has a synergizing effect along with CBD. This topical CBD product is best for daily use and long-lasting effects. This contains shea butter which is also a great moisturizer providing best results.
Price: $69.99

Highland Pharma Hemp Lotion

high Land Therapy

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This is a paraben free, all-natural product that uses full spectrum CBD. It is non-greasy, gets absorbed easily and makes one feel smooth and silky. It is a moisturizer and works best on the even application. This 4-ounce product has aloe vera, coconut oil, cocoa butter and CBD infused along with vitamin E and peppermint oil. It keeps your skin allergen free and supple providing the much-needed relief.
Price: $69.95

IM-BUE Embody CBD lotion


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This lotion is suitable for all skin types and has a powerful scent. It is a blend of CBD and essential oils. It is potent with natural healing ingredients and has a pump dispenser for easy use. It is paraben free and non-greasy. This Colorado grown product has almost 400 mg full spectrum CBD and is very comfortable and discreet. It is a non-GMO, full spectrum CBD product that is legal to use. It has a warming sensation and due to the presence of coconut oil, it enriches the skin and reduces problems.
Price: $69

Blue Ridge Hemp CBD lotion

cbd infused lotion

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This is a daily use product which helps reduce joint pain, nerve pain, muscle pain, itchiness and dry skin. It is a non-GMO, vegan and eco-friendly product. Made by a premier company, it has received amazing reviews for its light smell, potent formulation and the fact that it is paraben free is icing on the cake. It is paraben free and has ample amounts of vitamin E providing moisture. It has a light texture and runs smoothly when applied.
Price: $40
These are the best CBD lotions that can be used topically for best results. If one does not want to vape or take pills, CBD lotions and creams are the best way. They are best for localized conditions and work to create amazing results.

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