How CBD Helps Heal Broken Bones – 5 Top CBD Oils for Bone Healing

When CBD can help with ailments like depression, inflammation, pain relief, and even cancer, it’s imperative that studies have been conducted in other areas of medicine as well. Several studies have been conducted among speculations on how CBD can be used to heal broken bones. The results of these studies prove that this is no longer a myth.

How CBD helps in Bone Fracture Healing?

Cbd Bones
In the year 2015, a study conducted by a leading bone research institution indicated that CBD can help in healing fractured bones. Experts found that CBD increased the strength of healed femurs which were broken in laboratory rats. The scientific community supports this bone healing and CBD connection with much more such evidence.

According to the National Academy of Sciences, CBD acts on an endocannabinoid receptor GPR55 which helps in regulating bone mass through resportion of the bone minerals. Studies also indicate that THC may have the exact opposite effect of CBD on bones.  Another study published by the Biochemical Pharmacology indicates that CBD helps in activating the CB2 receptor thereby enhancing the migration of mesenchymal stem cells which create fresh calcified bones in the site of the fracture.

Does THC also help?

Researchers at the Hebrew University Bone Laboratory in Israel tried mixing varied doses of THC with CBD and they discovered that results in the bone healing process were not enhanced. This meant that the bone-healing properties are linked to CBD alone and not to THC.

To prove their case, the researchers also used special tomography machines to measure bone density over a period of 4, 6 and 8 weeks. Thus they were able to measure the formation of collagen in the bones and make a link between CBD and the improved healing of bones.

Here’s a list of the Top 5 CBD Oils

Green Roads CBD Oil


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Pricing: $35.00 – $120.00 depends on the capacity
Recommended Dosage: 1/2 tsp. twice a day
This is an infusion of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract and fresh Honaunau Farm has grown passion flower, with a small quantity of exotic Lehua honey in cane alcohol. It gives 150mg of hemp extract n an ounce and comes in a fruity flavor.

Endoca CBD Oil

Hemp Oil Endoca

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Pricing:€ 26 depends on the capacity
Recommended Dosage: 1to 5 drops thrice a day
This is a wonderful product to heal broken bones and has pure CBD oil which makes it easy to use and administer to people of any age. Being a full spectrum, it has many added benefits as well and the rate of absorption is pretty quick. They use dark bottles to avoid exposure to UV rays and light which could possibly reduce its efficacy. It is thick and has a green hue. The ones that are decarboxylated have a golden hue.

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

Hemp CBD Capsules

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Pricing:$49.99 for 300mg
Recommended dosage: Begin with just 1-2 drops and proceed up to ½ a dropper
With this CBD oil, you get an ideal cure for all bones and aches. Many users have reported relief when they consumed the hemp bombs CBD oil for broken bones. All their products are approved by third-party testing and contain zero THC. This is a super-concentrate with the highest CBD dosage among all their products.

Diamond CBD Full Spectrum MCT Oil

Diamond CBD Gummies

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Pricing: $79.99
Recommended dosage: Varies according to the CBD content in each bottle.
Diamond CBD Full Spectrum MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Oil features all hemp cannabinoids with traces of CBD. These provide fast and lasting energy and are easily absorbed by the body. They are good for bone healing and relief from pains of fracture. Experience the full spectrum of relaxation with Diamond CBD Full Spectrum MCT Oil.

Receptra Naturals Pure Hemp CBD Oils


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The Pure Hemp CBD Oils from Receptra Naturals is for your health and well-being and available in 2 concentrates, Prime and Plus. These oils are ideal for those who are new to CBD. See how fast your bones heal when you start using these oils on a regular basis. All you need to do is to drop it under your tongue and allow the oil to absorb for a few seconds and swallow it.
Pricing: $39.95 – $199.95
Recommended dosage: Start with a 1/4th dropper and increase until you find your sweet spot.
Now that you’ve seen how CBD has started making waves in the ortho field as well, it’s time to strengthen and heal your bones with these top brands!

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