Cannabis Oil for Epilepsy – How it works and the Best Oils

The healing, therapeutic and innate wonder properties of Cannabis oil have been recognized worldwide. Cannabis oil has been receiving great testimonials for treating cancer and a number of diseases. This solvent extract of the potent plant has allowed and permitted levels of THC. It is produced by a process of steam distillation to receive the benefits of the active substances in the cannabis plants. This method is for only careful calculated removal of extra products so that the oil can even be fit for oral consumption.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a web of neurological disorders that can cause a possible patient to have seizures, loss of memory, memory blackout, and sudden bouts of chewing, sleep disorders, fainting, nightmares, high fever and panic attacks. It can be genetic or not. These seizures are basically uncontrolled so one may hurt themselves and this could lead to other health issues.

How does Cannabis Oil work for Epilepsy?

According to estimates, a seizure will not stop due to drugs and it may only exaggerate it by its side effects. On a research panel, pre-clinical studies suggested the use of CBD oil or cannabis oil. The studies made in the US on Epidiolex (a certain formulation) have confirmed this.

  • Cannabis oil releases certain neural transmitters that stimulate an epileptic person when under seizures to generate a series of electrical impulses to calm the person.
  • It has been found to lower the rate of seizures if taken in designated quantities.
  • Cannabis has cannabinoids which react with receptors in our body. During an epileptic attack, brain cells function rapidly and become excited; this oil tranquilizes the body which allows more stable.
  • People with Dravet syndrome found a 40% decrease in the seizure rates. In this sample size of 120, 3 became completely seizure free.
  • They have anticonvulsant properties that help stop seizures. Though the drugs used in the treatment of epilepsy use the, it occurs naturally in Cannabis.

Top 5 Oils to manage Epilepsy

  • DiamondCBD: This premier company has been making oils for the treatment of epilepsy and is a trusted source world over.
  • MedTerra: Grown from USA farms with lab tested products. MedTerra has been effectively handling epilepsy and anxiety related issues.
  • Medix CBD: They are liquid tinctures of 99.9% pure CBD isolate. They are available only in natural flavor and help cope seizures.
  • Elixinol: A brand that has been in the business since 1991, they have oils custom made for your medical condition and they also analyze the quality of the product.
  • PureKana: These CBD oils are pure and unadulterated. It is available in vanilla, mint and natural flavors.


Though Cannabis is a natural strain, one has to consider before giving this oil to an epileptic patient. Since they are proven as effective curers, one cannot undermine that they work differently for different people. For some it has shown sea change, for some, there has been no effect. Some patients have faced side effects like-

  • Liver issues are likely to occur if the wrong dosage  occurs
  • There may be drowsiness and fatigue
  • Sedation, lethargy also led to people stopping the use of Cannabis oil
  • Rashes, sleeping disorders, inability to eat also were reported by some.

Using it in a safe, controlled way where it is monitored can lead to the best results.

Bottom line

The effects and benefits of Cannabis oil on epilepsy has been back by scientific evidence. It is important to know why the attacks are occurring, what is the type of seizure and then seeks medical or therapeutic help. This will also help in understanding what the person requires. Cannabis has been found effective in treating the most complex seizures. However, there is no óne size fits all’policy here as everybody responds differently.

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