Planning to buy CBD Online? Ask these Questions First

The growing benefits of CBD need no introduction. CBD is exponentially raising its standard as a great healer, pain reliever, anxiety killer and something that will deliver for humans and pets equally. It is expected to become a billion-dollar industry by 2020. For starters, CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found in hemp and Cannabis Sativa. It can be considered a gray area for some as its benefits are unclear. It is a therapeutic miracle and has been approved even by the FDA making it a recognized drug. It has been known to treat epilepsy, stress, cancer, skin infections and many more. It was soon found its way in oils, lotions, creams, juices, and cocktails giving benefits of health bereft THC. However, one will always face questions like-Am I buying the right quality? Or the right type? Let us see more and dissolve all doubts about CBD.

Why is it important to ask questions in the first place?

Now we all buy stuff online, but buying CBD is a task of its own. One has to ensure perfection and purity in every step. It becomes important to hence ask questions.

  • Unregulated markets as CBD falls in a federally gray area
  • Lack of oversight on customer’s end as not much information is available
  • False claims by companies to increase their sales
  • Mushrooming companies so there is too much choice available
  • Purity and potency standards may be misrepresented
  • Improper information or lab results may be wrong

Given that there is a lack of information, one has to find their own way to get the best products. This coupled with mushrooming brands and regulation issues makes CBD a very dicey area for some. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Ask these questions before you buy CBD online

Is it independently lab tested?

One should ask CBD companies for the independent lab results both from the farm and of all products. It will show all the details including the percentage of cannabinoids, solvents, and contaminants. This will make you sure you are spending your money in the right direction and space. One will feel confident, it is on a safe product. A researched report with scientific analysis will prove its efficiency and purity.

Is the company willing to share results?

Some companies do the tests but they do not share them. This does not show transparency and one can get a doubt. This means a product has to be accompanied by the results for a clarity and a better vision. It will also reveal any toxins in the products when shared. Thus, sharing the results are equally important.

What is the source of their CBD?

This is important for two reasons – If one does not know the source/origin, it may not be of the best quality. And if it’s from a legally unrecognized state, it could be unlawful. It is important to know for the assessment of soil and type of hemp produced.

Is it organic?

CBD being a produce of the earth may be subject to pesticides as part of agriculture process. One should buy from labelled organic hemp farms. This is important to get complete benefits from the product. An organic CBD product is generously more powerful than local ones.

Is the CBD full spectrum?

Full spectrum CBD is a whole hemp plant and should be used in products. Isolate based products that is those from extracts are not very pure. It may be contaminated and not very useful with respect to benefits.

Is the labelling correct with all the information?

Products should be correctly labelled and it should be mentioned well. If a product is not well labelled, the serving of CBD information may not be well mentioned. Only those products where the CBD serving is mentioned show trust.

What is the method of extraction?

The method of extraction is important as a good extraction guarantees good product strength. This will allow us to have the purest botanical extract and the best products. CO2 technology, fluid extraction are some methods to get the best extracts.

By following the tips, one can ensure they are getting the best CBD online. Customers should also look for good customer service and transparency. Purchasing the right products will only enable you to receive the benefits of the miracle plant. So anytime you buy CBD online, ask these questions to get the maximum value from your money spent.

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